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Arroyo is a do-it-yourself pen-and-paper RPG designed from the ground up as an introduction to the genre. It's print and play, so there is no need to track down expensive books and odd polyhedra; all you need is a deck of ordinary playing cards. We designed Arroyo to serve as a welcoming and highly accessible entry point for anyone who wants to experience the joy of collaborative storytelling with friends as easily as possible.

Arroyo was released in June 2014, and several add-ons are planned for the near future.

Feedback is, of course, appreciated. You can contact us via Twitter (@cactuscatgames), Facebook ( @cactuscatgames), or via email (

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Our Team

Dan Phipps

Founder, Design Lead


Andrew Krause

Co-Founder, Tech Lead


Nick Cummings

Design and Production